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4 – Uprights mounting
Place the uprights at a distance of 500 mm in such way that the open side of the profile is placed in the direction in which the slabs lays so that the upright is not twisted during the screwing of the slabs.
Ensure that the upright is in a vertical position then fix it to the bottom rail with a steel screw.

5 – Laying of the slabs
Place the first slab in horizontal direction then tightly screw it at the warping from top to bottom ensuring that the coating r e m ai n s perfectly tight at the warping. The transversal edges of the slabs should be at the center of the uprights’ wings. Proceed with the laying still in the opening direction of the profile and place the screw near the uprights’ rib first, ensuring that the wings do not bend in order to obtain

A perfectly flat finishing surface. The fixing of the slabs must be carried out with phosphatised self-tapping screws. The screws must be placed at a distance of approximately 1 centimetre from the longitudinal edge of the slabs and at about 1, 5 centimetre from the transversal edge.
The slabs shall be placed at a distance of about 1 mm from each other.

6 – Laying slabs on the opposite sides.
The vertical and horizontal joints between the slabs must be staggered in comparison to the first side and distanced by approximately 1 mm. Adjust the tip of the screwdriver so that the screws are at the right depth, forming a smooth surface. Crooked or awry screws should be removed and replaced.

7 – Grouting joints
The finishing phases include the grouting of the joints, with reinforcing, alkali-resistant mesh produced with adhesive coating and the subsequent levelling and smoothing of the whole surface.

8 – Leveling
In this phase a fiberglass mesh will be used for coating, not lower than 170 gr/sm embedded with a suitable cement-based adhesive coating.
Lastly, the color finishing will be done with a thick acrylic coating as in normally used for the realization of coatings.
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